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  • Computer Science

    Explore the science of computers, from bits and binary to robots and artificial intelligence.

  • Linux

    Become a superuser! Master the commands and structure of the fastest-growing computer operating system, Linux.

  • Web Development

    Learn the fundamental programming languages you need to build your own websites, apps, and games.

  • Python

    Create everything from websites to 3D games with Python, the fast, flexible, beginner-friendly programming language.

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  • Powers of Two

    Powers of Two

    Unimpressed by Guido’s Count von Count caricature, Unique ID cites his prior efforts in hip-hop as the superior alternative. While settling their differences over an episode of Daisy’s Binary Workout, ID and Guido are visited by the extraterrestrial robot duo, Craft Punk. ID exponentially increases the funk using powers of…

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  • What is Binary?

    What is Binary?

    Unique ID and Adelie compose computer music by flipping coins and rapping in binary. While demonstrating how to count bits with novelty lamps, ID is visited by a friendly 8-bit spectre known as The Mighty Byte.

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  • What is Computer Science?

    What is Computer Science?

    Unique ID tells Adelie the story of Computer Science, from Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace to ENIAC and the GUI, using his CompSci calendar, 6000 penguins and Conway's Game of Life to illustrate.

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  • whatis man?

    whatis man?

    Aramis & Adelie read the Superusers comic book and a file reads the fantastic manual using the man command. Adelie elaborates on the gender disparity in technology, Aramis translates, and we say goodbye to our heroes in the exciting conclusion of Superusers: The Legendary GNU/Linux Show!

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  • Make Kittens with the Cat Command

    Make Kittens with the Cat Command

    Schrodinger the kitten is missing! The Superusers concatenate a replacement with the cat command. Running head & tail verifies that the new file is in fact the spitting image of Schrodinger.

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  • Python Loop Control, To Infinity and Beyond!

    Python Loop Control, To Infinity and Beyond!

    While loops are useful when we want to maintain a state until a certain condition is met or until some external event occurs. But they can also get out of hand. Programming is like a circus: you gotta keep the lions in the ring. Or pythons in the loop. It might seem simple, but Python loop control is very important …

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  • Python while Loops? Green Light!

    Python while Loops? Green Light!

    Did you play Red Light/Green Light growing up? I did. I still play it, though it’s hard to find adults willing to join me. If you live outside the United States you probably played a version called Statues. But what does this have to do with Python while loops? Allow me to explain… To play Red Light/Green Light, you and …

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  • If Python Elif Snakes Else Ladders

    If Python Elif Snakes Else Ladders

    Did you ever play Snakes & Ladders? We had the tame version in America, Chutes and Ladders. It was supposed to teach you morals. But let’s use it to illustrate our next concept: Python elif statements. The elif statement is a portmanteau of else and if. A portmanteau is any word that is a mash-up of two other words. We …

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  • If Python, Then Cake! Learn Conditional Statements or Else

    If Python, Then Cake! Learn Conditional Statements or Else

    When I was a young whippersnapper, I didn’t get dessert unless I finished my dinner. Dinner always consisted of healthy stuff like spinach so it was very hard to finish. That was my introduction to conditional statements. Conditional statements are like saying, “If this, then that.” If I ate dinner, then I got dessert. In my example, eating dinner is …

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